Give a Valentine's Gift Today - Be The Valentine For Unloved

Note: Donations towards this Campaign is eligible for tax benefit under 80 G of income tax act

Make a difference in a child’s life with your gift today!

For the most vulnerable children, hunger is an ongoing, daily struggle. Your small gift can and will have an impact that will reach far beyond the present moment. Please join us: no gift is too small when combined with the power of many gifts.

That's where we start.

When all you know is hunger it becomes all you know of life. It hollows out your body, weakening your immune system and leading to disease.

Most of us are fortunate—we don’t know what it’s like to be that hungry. But there are children who are hungry and looking for a meal at a time

Poverty is a complex issue, but feeding a child isn't - Jeff Bridges

Mid-Day Meal

Become a Sponsor, Donate a Scholarship

Every child’s experience is unique, but we all need the same things – love, security, health and wellbeing. Be part of positive change and transform a child’s world today.

Purpose of Donation / Educational Material Items Approx. Quantity Amount in INR to Sponsor A Child for Education
School Kit 1 ₹ 550/-
Foot Wear, 2 Pair Uniform, Umbrella etc 1 ₹ 2700/-
School Fees, Exam Fee, Tuition Fees 1 ₹ 11750/-
Total INR ₹ 15000/-

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Donate us to bring a smile on the face of those little ones.