3 Years Riyan wants to mend him heart can you help him out.

3 Years Riyan wants to mend him heart can you help him out.

3 Years Riyan wants to mend him heart can you help him out.

Goal : ₹ 380000 /-

Help Riyan! He Needs your Support to rescue him from his heart disease

Kokan Sanstha is a leading NGO that helps underprivileged children to Promote Education, Health, Women Empowerment, and Medical Support for children suffering from critical illness, Orphanage Support for the holistic development of the children and Old Age Home for senior citizens for their nutrition and medical. Our NGO works intending to help the poor community through various activities.

Case Study: We humbly request you to help Mast Riyan, who is suffering from congenital heart disease, certified by the Doctors and is being treated in Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital For Children, Mumbai. Master Riyan needs to undergo an open heart surgery(TOF Repair With Conduit)). Due to their financial condition they could not operate Master Riyan. His health started deteriorating day by day so they took him to Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for children’s.  Doctors informed them that they need to admit Riyan and start his surgery process. It is long duration treatment with approx expenditure of Rs.3, 80, 000/-

Family Scenario: Father of Riyan is Working as a Auto Rickshaw Driver  and earns approx INR 8000 per month. But due to COVID-19, he is at home fighting for his son and his family without any source of income. He is fighting for the daily needs and treatment of his 3 Years old baby boy suffering from heart disease. They are unable to afford the medical treatment for their baby boy whom they love so much.

Appeal to helping hearts: We, therefore, sincerely appeal to the Helping Hearts like YOU to come forward and extend your full support to enable us to treat Mast. Riyan.

The approximate cost for the operation is Rs. 3,80,000/-. We appeal YOU to save the life of Mast Riyan by sending your contribution by Cheque/DD/Online in the name of Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha at the address given below.    

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