Donate the Warmth

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    Homeless Battle Against Winter

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    Kokan Ngo

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  • Date:

    26 January 2021

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Donate the Warmth

Event Description

While many of us enjoy the warmth of blankets in winter, there are many who are homeless shivering in the cold.

Besides the Education Support Program, Medical support program, Livelihood program & skill development program, Kokan Ngo do the blanket and clothes distribution to the people who reside roadside and orphans. As a part of the Christmas Occasion event, this year we have arranges for the distribution of clothes and blankets to the street children. Till now we have distributed gifts and toys in Vai, Mahabaleshwar; in the 2nd event, we have distributed blankets to 35+ roadside poor and needy people near Swargate Pune. On 27th Dec we have distributed clothes to the 113 poor and needy street children’s in the Dadar & Wadala Area of Mumbai.  As you can see from the photos on our website, many of the children attending our programs hardly have any clothes to wear.

We protect ourselves with warm cozy clothes in winter, while it's not so for little children on streets and slums, it's a  misery. The homeless, especially, children suffer through bitter cold and even die.

Let's come together and give warmth and protection to the anxious hearts on streets and slums, from this scourging cold.

Aims & Objectives:

The project sought to achieve the following objectives:

To reduce the suffering of orphans due to the cold wave.

To reduce cold-related sufferings of old women and men of extremely poor families.

To attain blessings through serving suffering humanity.

If you would like to sponsor the distribution of free clothes and blankets for these poor children & orphans. Please use UPI:[email protected]

Every winter, it is battle for survival for the homeless

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